Pigging solutions

Intrusive Pig Signalers

Product description

Pig signaler (Pig indicator, Pig detector) is a device installed on a pipeline or a pig trap.
The Pig signaler will confirm the passage of a Pig in a pipeline or the arrival/departure of pig in/from a pig trap.

Product features

CLST Model Pig Signalers are intrusive-type, mechanically operated and bi-directional.
They are equipped with visual flags which can be manual reset and/or with electro-mechanical head.Passing signal can be diverted to control panel.
CLST Model can be fitted on a pig trap (BC1 Model) while (BC2 Model) fitted to a pipeline can be retievable when the line is under pressure.

Pressure Class: #150 to #2500
Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex.
Connection: welding boss or flanges

Retrievable under pressure (BC2 Model)

Non Retrievable under pressure (BC1 Model)

Option : Non intrusive Pig signalers (Magnetic/ Ultrasonic type) can be offered in option.

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