Repairing solutions

Standard repair solutions

Product description

Piping Technologies provides onshore/offshore pipeline repair solutions
Repair products can be adapted to the damage/leakage/weak point configuration

MA9 - Repair Clamp (Split sleeve)

Product features

Split Sleeves are delivered with lugs or hinges
Standard working pressure is 10Mpa (1450psi). Other pressure can be offered upon request.
Construction: cast, forged and/or fabricated
The active length ''seal to seal'' is defined by manufacturer standard and can be adjusted according to client requirement
''taylor made solutions''
Sealing: Nitrile (NBR or Buna N) or Viton (FKM) packing is standard.
A static seal clamp with seal support rings to prevent extrusion at high pressures
Anodes can be fitted upon request
Regular active length :
2'' to 12'': 140mm
14'' and over: 203,5mm
Other active length can be offered upon request

PPC9 - Pilot Pin Clamp

Product description

The MA9 Clamp with pilot pin is a light solution used to repair a leakage on the pipeline with a very small hole usally generated by the corrosion.
The pilot pin locates the hole and guides the sealing cone wich once comprimed insure the leak packing.

Product features

Standard working pressure is 13,7Mpa (2000psi).
Nitrile (NBR or Buna N) or Viton (FKM) packing is standard.
Available from 3'' to 56''
Special sizes are also available upon request

CP9 - Coupling

Product description

The MA9 coupling is used for a quick and safe connection (pipe replacement).
Ends pipe beveling is no longer required.
Simply cut the pipes (Bevel operation is no longer needed), slide the coupling onto the pipe, adjust, center and tighten the bolts.
Once the anchor and compression screws are torqued on the both side, the sealing gaskets are engaged and the pipes are definitively connected.
The Coupling may also be welded after installation.

Product features

Standard working pressure is 10 Mpa (1450psi)
Nitrile (NBR or Buna N) packing is standard
Available from 3'' to 64'' in standard length
Special sizes, working pressure and lenght are also available upon request

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